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Thanks for visiting our website. We are sold out to ensuring Nigeria's air quality is improved over the coming years through various initiatives and utilization of captive  modern technologies. Together with your help, and a whole army of stakeholders and ambassadors, we are determined to create the necessary awareness about the depleting air quality in various parts of the country, especially in the urban areas.


Air quality is one of the most ignored environmental issues in third-world and developing countries. However, it accounts for many health-related problems experienced by anyone within such surrounding areas. In Nigeria, the use of generating sets - due to insufficient supply of power from our national grid - and importation of second-hand vehicles, significantly result in the emission of dangerous gases, including "Particulate Matter" into the atmosphere. “Particulate matter,” also known as PM, is a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets, including unburned and partially burned fuel, acids, toxic chemicals, and metals.

Studies also suggest that long term exposure to fine particulate matter may be associated with increased rates of chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function and increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease. People with breathing and heart problems, children and the elderly may be particularly sensitive to PM2.5 (Source: New York Dept. of Health). Parts of Lagos have experienced levels of PM2.5 over 250, 25 times what is deemed "healthy" by the World Health Organization. All concentrations greater than 10 micrograms per cubic meter of PM2.5 are considered hazardous to health.

Nigeria’s air quality is rapidly declining. Without immediate action, Nigeria will appear on the list of "PM Levels of 10 Most Polluted Countries" by next year, 2017. Within a three-month period, air pollution restrictions have become commonplace in major cities, with over half a dozen initiating immediate action to stem pollution from private vehicles. Previous restrictions prove that the removal of cars improves air quality. Cities that have adopted restrictions include: Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Beijing, Madrid, Delhi, Mexico City and Oslo, to name only a few.

The Clean Air Nigeria Campaign is determined to continue in its advocacy and awareness programmes towards ensuring no solution is left out towards improving air quality in the country, which, in effect, also has its detriments on the fiscal sectors of the country. We encourage you to Join Us Today!


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